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TAI helps organizations thrive.

VBLS: Values-Based Leadership System
  • Is your best talent in your most important roles?

  • Are you satisfied with what you get out of your leadership team – attitude, character, results? 

  • How well is your organization executing against strategies you’ve set?

  • Does work flow smoothly and effectively through your organization?

  • Are "key individuals" leaving the organization more rapidly than in previous years?

Drive Higher Performance Through Values-Based Leadership


  • Establish a discipline that enables you to thrive versus merely survive.

  • Create a high-performance culture (collaboration, communication, and execution).

  • Position the right people to do the right things - achieve financial/commercial goals.



The Values-Based Leadership System (VBLS) helps you and your team identify and work on the root issues that plague organizations. It is a holistic system that addresses the overall health of your company, the skills of your team, the actions necessary to achieve your goals, and the accountability necessary to achieve the results you expect. In short, VBLS promises and delivers higher performance.


What will VBLS do for my organization?

Use VBLS to create an operating framework, establish metrics and ensure accountability with your team. VBLS establishes a language bridge between employees and the leadership team through assessments, individual executive coaching, team alignment sessions and VBL workshops.


Will VBLS work for my organization?

VBLS is effective for any size organization in any industry. If you’re looking to improve your culture, clarify your vision and achieve better results, reach out to us now. Whether you’re just looking to affirm and reengage your team, or if you need to implement systemic change, VBLS can work for you.

The VBLS process was well defined and well executed.  The personal coaching helped develop our executives and made them better able and prepared to contribute to the group.  I highly recommend especially for companies that need to team build, identify opportunities, and develop a strategic plan.


- CEO, Manufacturing and Distribution Company, Greater Philadelphia Area, PA

Coaching Testimonials
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