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Executive Coaching?!? Ugh!

I was introduced to TAI Executive Coaching as part of a corporate initiative to provide coaching for over sixty senior executives at my Fortune 100 financial services firm. At the time, I was head of global sales and marketing and being groomed for an executive business leader position. Frankly, I wasn’t excited about this coaching opportunity. I thought executive coaching was for people who were poor performers or for leaders who were struggling.  I did not identify with either of those camps.


However, my attitude changed immediately at my first meeting with my TAI coach. He was engaging, thoughtful and asked many thought-provoking questions. The PRO Development™ assessment tool and the results provided impactful personal insights on my motivators, my competencies, and my personality.  My TAI coach focused me on key areas of strength, and he helped me develop a Values-Based Leadership approach. He provided meaningful assignments to identify and tackle blind spots and to address my tendency to focus on “I” versus the team.


My TAI coach worked with me over the next six months to understand and develop my areas of key strengths and become more aware of the caution areas that naturally came with them.  He taught me to become a better listener, to encourage differing viewpoints and to position my team in such a way that we were all utilizing our key strengths to benefit the organization.  This led to areas where I needed to diversify the team’s abilities by bringing in new talent and sharing talent with other areas of the organization. Most importantly, I learned that it was not all about me, but about aligning our team with the mission and values of the organization to drive value for the company, the employees, and our clients. Soon I was promoted to executive business head.


Two years later, I was recruited to another Fortune 50 financial services firm as the global head of two business lines and CEO of a subsidiary.  There I continued to apply the lessons from the TAI executive coaching assignment.  It forever changed the trajectory of my career and more importantly, the trajectory of the managers whom I had the privilege of mentoring and developing over the years. I whole-heartedly recommend TAI for all executive coaching needs.


  • Retired CEO, Global Business Head, Fortune 50 Company


TAI Incorporated has worked with hundreds of companies, teams and leaders to instill Values-Based Leadership and enable higher performance and better business results. Contact us to determine if our approach to Values-Based Executive Coaching is right for your organization (


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