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Can What Got You Here, Get You There?

Congratulations! You have deep industry and business experience, exceptional insight, and decision-making skills, and now you’ve been promoted to an executive leadership role. However, the world has changed, and what got you where you are today will likely not be good enough to sustain you going forward. Consider this real-life experience from a Global CIO of a Fortune 100 Company:

 “I was introduced to TAI Executive Coaching at a pivotal point in my career. Having been recruited out of an aggressive “results-at-all-costs” Fortune 50 conglomerate, I was transitioning to a senior leadership role in a smaller, more people-focused cultural environment. At this new company, the CHRO determined early on that I’d benefit from support getting past my intensity and, in some cases, challenging inter-relational habits learned at the previous firm.

 “That support was delivered through several coaches at TAI Incorporated. They introduced the PRO Development™ leadership assessment, which clearly pointed to gaps and opportunity areas to enhance my interpersonal skills and drive positive outcomes. They also employed a values-based coaching methodology to help me adapt to the ‘softer’ yet equally results-oriented cultural environment. In a relatively short time, I was promoted to the C Suite. Since then, I have served in the C Suite at multiple public companies where my acquired Values-Based Leadership style earned a strong positive reputation as well as delivered excellent business results.

 “There are a lot of players in the executive coaching space.  I would strongly recommend TAI because they were extremely effective in their values-based methodology and their commitment to my success.”    – Global CIO of a Fortune 100 Company

 Ensure your success – engage TAI to experience the benefits of values-based executive coaching (


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