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The "Soft Stuff" Can Be the Hardest

Frequently, business leaders reach out asking: “What can help my team drive revenue growth and profitability?” For many leaders, the “soft stuff” – interpersonal relationships, trust-building, conflict resolution, and aligning commitment – becomes the really “hard stuff” to manage. These elements can undermine performance, sidetrack the organization, diffuse energy, and cause misalignment. TAI Incorporated helps equip leaders to better deal with “soft stuff” elements much more effectively and helps them enable a more direct focus on results. This “soft stuff” will enhance team performance, will predictably result in revenue growth, and will increase profitability. Briefly stated the services TAI offers revolve around driving higher performance through Values-Based Leadership. Each project is shaped to meet the specific needs of the organization, but the components commonly include elements such as:

  • Leadership Assessment – using the PRO Development™ Leadership assessment, TAI helps leaders deepen their awareness of their own Mission, Competencies, and Style. Better understanding what drives them, what they are good at, and how they interact with others is key to better leveraging their leadership capabilities and those of their teams.

  • Team Alignment – TAI frequently helps teams increase trust which improves communications, collaboration, and teamwork. These elements are often the stumbling block to smooth operation and improved functionality.

  • Executive Coaching – TAI offers individual coaching to help leaders lead more confidently and more effectively.

  • New Leader Assimilation – when changes result in a new leader joining a team, TAI brings proven methodologies to accelerate the introduction of the leader and focus the team on common goals and organizational priorities.

  • Leadership Development - TAI tailors focused skill development workshops to enhance the effectiveness of leaders in key skill areas which may include goal-setting, effective delegation, performance management, and other key priorities.

TAI Incorporated has worked with hundreds of companies, teams, and leaders to instill Values-Based Leadership cultures that enable transformation. We can help your organization, too.


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