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Death By What Is Not

You may know that guy – I know I do. Sometimes I even act like him (or her). It’s that guy who seems always to find what’s wrong in his life and who concentrates on what’s not going as he would like.

He’s the guy who focuses on what is not – not making enough money; not happy in his job; not enjoying sought-after relationships; not achieving anticipated professional success; not benefitting from desired physical fitness, etcetera, etcetera.

In the larger picture, it’s that guy who obsesses over the negative view of things such as the economy, politics, religion, healthcare, lack of social justice, inequities in the legal system and a government that’s either doing too much or too little, depending on one’s perspective.

Certainly, these issues and situations are worthy of consideration and deserve attention; however, focus on what is not can kill our spirit and steal our hope – focus on what is notcauses our soul to die a slow, painful death. When we focus on what is not we deliver a death knell to our dreams and to our innermost desires, the very things that give us motivation and the courage to forge ahead.

The alternative requires a choice – we each make a daily choice as to what we turn our attention to and what we focus on. If we choose to focus on the positive – what is – we then find reason to hope, reason to take the next step. Focus on what is emboldens us and enables us to believe that how we think and what we do can make significant difference in our own circumstances and can have impact on society at large.

During this Thanksgiving season, I plan to focus on what is – I will give thanks for the blessings I do have, for the relationships I do enjoy, for the freedom to make these choices and for the privilege of applying what is in my life to impact positively the world around me.

Don’t be that guy – make the choice to be a what is type of person. Make the choice to be thankful at Thanksgiving.

- Davis H. Taylor, TAI Incorporated,


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