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Values-based Leadership

4 continents • 3 key areas of focus
Countless solutions for growth and development
Passion to develop leaders who will be world-changers.

TAI Incorporated

Partnering with clients around the globe, TAI works with individuals and teams at all levels, across business units, departments and functional areas. We produce values-based leaders and develop high-performing teams. The result – increased employee engagement, retention of key talent, leadership development from the top-down, and higher performance through values-based leadership.

Executive Coaching

TAI offers a practical approach to Executive Coaching that guides executives to higher levels of self-awareness. This enables executives to capitalize on both individual and organizational strengths and to lead from core values. Executive Coaching helps leaders to create a performance culture that engages and equips employees to achieve optimal results. Read More

Team Alignment

Our values-based approach to Team Alignment centers on transformational leadership and allows teams to reconnect by focusing on the individual and collective strengths of people and organizations. Our Team Alignment program is tailored for teams in any context, and at any level across the organization. TAI focuses on achieving goals through improved communication, collaboration and methods to measure performance. Read More

Leadership Development

The heart of any successful organization is its people. Our Leadership Development programs are a perfect complement to our coaching and team alignment solutions. We offer clients a unique and relevant approach to ensure ongoing, focused growth and development is tangible, measurable and actionable in your organization. Leadership Development is not a ‘nice to have’; it’s essential to achieving success. Read More


PRO Development™ & UCipher™ Executive Enhance Leadership Self-Awareness & Hire the Right "Fit" Our assessments are designed to help executives become more self-aware and more focused on their individual strengths and roles. Read More

Values-Based Leadership

Values-based Leadership is at the core of all we do. Values-based leaders effectively engage, motivate and equip their employees, creating a culture of trust thereby enabling organizational transformation. The result: Effective execution, professional growth and higher performance. Read More