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Values-based Leadership

TAI Incorporated guides and equips leaders and their executive teams to shape organizational culture. We serve corporations and not-for-profit organizations around the world by helping them achieve higher performance through values-based leadership.

Values-based Leadership →

Values-Based | Mission Driven | Results Oriented

Values-based Leadership is at the core of all we do. We believe that values-based leaders will effectively engage, motivate and develop their followers, establishing a trust culture that enables transformational, sustainable change resulting in effective execution, innovation and outstanding performance.

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Executive Coaching →

Maximize Leadership Effectiveness

TAI Incorporated enables transformational leadership - our practical approach to Executive Coaching guides executives to higher levels of self-awareness.

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Cultural Integration →

Establish Performance-Based Cultures

Organizational culture too often rates low on the leader’s priority list. Culture is soft, it is mushy, it is complex, and its critical link to performance frequently is misunderstood.

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Team Alignment →

Optimize Team Dynamics & Improve Performance

The greatest opportunity for creating true competitive advantage lies in developing aligned and effective high performance teams. Key areas of focus are: mission to create purpose; values to determine behavior; trust to establish unity; alignment to enable productivity; accountability to insure performance.

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Engagement & Retention →

Energize & Equip Employees | Increase Productivity & Job Satisfaction

In the midst of today's pressures, most corporations claim that people resources are their primary competitive advantage...yet, according to a widely acclaimed study, less than one-third of the work force is actively engaged in their work, the rest are just putting in time, or worse, actively working against the organization.

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Assessments →

PRO Development™ & UCipher™ Executive

Hire the Right Fit → Enhance Leadership Self-awareness

Our assessments are designed to help executives become more self-aware and more focused on their individual strengths and roles.

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On-boarding →

Jump-Start Effectiveness of New Hires

Intentional, strategic On-boarding - a process that sets the stage for positive long term impact and desired results - is absolutely critical if you plan to beat the dismal national norms relating to the success of newly hired exectives.

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What We Do

Leadership – Teamwork – Retention.

TAI Incorporated is a consulting company serving clients around the globe. We exist to develop leaders who will transform society. We produce values-based leaders and develop high-performing teams. These leaders and teams deliver results through increased employee engagement and the retention of key talent.

Culture-shaping services enable increased revenues and profitability

TAI creates effective leaders, coaching them to establish a results-oriented culture, staffed by fully engaged employees who are more productive, more efficient and who deliver superior and sustainable financial results.

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"Fit" assessments save time and boost performance

TAI helps organizations evaluate candidates quickly and easily to ensure the best candidates rise to the top. We can also help to ensure those who are not the right job-fit or right cultural-fit are quickly eliminated from the screening process.

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On-boarding services save money and help jump-start productivity

By selecting the right employees and equipping them to jump-start in their new roles, they will be more confident in their jobs and will be more fully engaged - you get greater productivity and enhanced job performance while avoiding turnover costs such as lost opportunity, productivity loss or damaged reputation.

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TAI Blog

A Matter of the Heart →

February 2014

Why think about leadership on Valentine’s Day? Because effective leadership is a matter of the heart. Yes, effective leadership comes from the heart—corporate culture evolves from who the leaders are on the inside—their beliefs, their values—from their hearts. Effective leadership is heart-centered. Taking the contrarian’s view, leadership is not primarily about intelligence, competency, strategy or execution. Rather, effective leadership is about vision, inspiration, trust and transformation—each essentially a matter of the heart. Vision enables us to believe that creating something new, something worthy, something extraordinary will truly make a difference in the world. Vision provides the courage and energy to go into the unknown and to do the impossible. Good leaders cast compelling vision as a catalyst to action, motivating followers to believe and pursue...

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A Recipe for Success in 2014 →

January 2014

During the holidays we enjoyed wonderful food and fellowship celebrating with family and friends. Somehow gathering for good food adds to a recipe for success. While I’m not a great cook, over the years it’s evident if I closely following instructions from a recipe, even I have a reasonably high probability for success! If you’re like me, the New Year prompts time for reflection and planning-a time to map out goals and strategies-a time to set a foundation for success. While success means different things to different people I believe we each need guiding principles to carry us to our version of success. Thinking about my past successes (and failures), and borrowing liberally from the book Today Matters, I’ve settled on seven guiding principles for...

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