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What If?

I am one who thinks Covid is real and that it should be aggressively addressed so that our nation can recover, re-engage and thrive.

A political independent, I denounce the pandemic as a political instrument. Instead, I believe it is something that reveals how far our nation has strayed from core values like Unity, Sacrifice, and Responsibility. These are some of the values that made us a great nation, capable of doing good and helping others.

Throughout U.S. history, we’ve come together as a nation to help those in need inside and outside our borders; we’ve stood up to those who would do harm. It’s my hope and prayer that we once again will unite and face the Covid threat, putting aside our differences long enough to ask what if.

Instead of “it’s my right not to wear a mask,” what if we said, “I choose to wear a mask to protect you.”

Instead of “I will exercise my freedom of assembly by gathering however and whenever I want,” what if we said “I am willing to temporarily limit how and when I gather if it helps keep you and your family safe.”

What if we each decided to act selflessly and embrace the notion that “it’s not about me, it isabout us.”

What if you and I assume the attitude that we will commit ourselves to work responsibly together for the common good?

Instead of demanding our personal rights and doing whatever we want, what if we make sacrifices to voluntarily restrict individual freedoms and behave as true Patriots – behave once again as people who vigorously support our whole country and who are prepared to defend it against distractors, even at the price of personal inconvenience.

A heartfelt “thank you” to each of you who strives for Unity, who takes Responsibility and who makes the Sacrifice. Together we stand.


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