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To What Will You Surrender?

We all surrender to something.

For some, surrender is submission to the will or influence of others. Some of us surrender to our own desires and cravings. Some surrender to circumstances around us.

Determining what we surrender to has much to do with our values. What we believe at our core will determine our behavior. Our values and beliefs strongly influence when we surrender or when we stand fast, no matter the situation or the odds.

Embracing values like compassion, gratitude and humility encourage us to surrender self-interest for the needs and aspirations of others. In this case, we believe giving up self is in the best interest of others and in this way, we earn their trust. When trust occurs, almost anything is possible to achieve.

On the flip side, when we pursue primarily our own welfare and we don’t surrender our personal interests for the sake and benefit of others, we can be seen as self-focused, “me first” and untrustworthy.

In today’s high-stress, crazy, anything-goes-world, we face situations that tempt us to surrender our self-esteem, our morals or our honor. Values can be the armor and ammunition required to face down such challenges. We can stand with integrity, face the situation with courage, hold firm in self-discipline, be grateful for what is rather than lament what is not. Core values lived-out result in behaviors that meet adversity head on, behaviors that will triumph when faced by challenging situations, adverse circumstances or ethical dilemmas.

Surrender also can be a good thing. Surrendering our innate desire to control others, giving up old ways in order to adapt to change, letting go the victim mentality in difficult circumstances, each is an embodiment of values-based behavior… and at the core is the value of humility.

Humility enables the future-through it we surrender control in order to earn influence; we let go of the past to pursue a preferred future; we refuse defeat, and we believe that together we can find a way.

I’ve heard it said that leaders either surrender to a cause or they surrender to their circumstances. To what will you surrender?


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