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Surviving or Thriving?

To achieve transformational impact, we must abandon status quo thinking. Too many business leaders proclaim themselves “change agents” – the problem with change is that change merely fixes past mistakes, or at best, marginally enhances existing operations. Change is about surviving.

Transformation is necessary to enable sustainable positive results in this uncertain world of rapid market adjustments, quantum leap technological advancements, fickle consumers and large demographic shifts. Merely changing what we do to maintain status quo is not an acceptable strategy for growth. To thrive tomorrow, leaders must transform their organizations into corporate cultures that challenge and replace attitudes of complacency, entitlement and incrementalism.

Transformation, by necessity, must be from the inside-out. It must be led by values-based leaders who by their character, commitment, personal values and vision create high-trust corporate cultures that are committed to accomplishing aggressive goals.

Values-based leaders establish a cultural environment that clearly articulates how and why. How establishes the foundation for clear, widely embraced corporate values and behavioral norms. Why maintains outward focus on the customer. As a result, values-base cultures profit greatly from the power of diversity, capitalizing on differences among genders, creeds and nationalities because VBL brings people together and promotes collaboration, innovation, commitment and accountability.

Transformational, values-based leaders effectively engage, motivate and develop their followers, cultivating predictable behavior that leads to productivity, innovation, operational excellence and outstanding results.

Is your leadership about surviving or thriving? Check out Values-Based Leadership as the means to transformation and higher performance.


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