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Establishing Collaboration

Is your team disconnected? Has the Great Resignation caused a lack of cohesiveness among your employees? Maybe it’s time to refocus and re-establish a clear strategy of collaboration. In order to collaborate, your team needs to know who they are. How can teams be expected to work together if team members aren’t aligned on the same purpose? With that in mind, take some time to step back, what is your team’s mission? What is its vision? What about values?

Everyone knowing the mission is key, so everyone knows the part they play. Like the crew on a submarine, everyone has a part to play in making the vessel move effortlessly through the ocean.

What is the team’s vision? Where are you headed? Once everyone on the team knows WHAT they are working to accomplish and their part, what is the end goal? How do you see your company impacting your market, individuals, and the world?

Finally, what are the values your team will operate on? Values like trust and transparency are two that can help within the team and how to interact with customers/clients.

Establishing the groundwork on who you are is a great starting point to foster more effective collaboration. Next week, we’ll look at maintaining this collaboration in your team.

If you’re interested in implementing this with your team, reach out to us and learn more about TAI’s Values-Based Leadership System (VBLS) and how it can impact your team.


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