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Enabling Your Full Potential

What holds you back from reaching your full potential? What tools are available to help you better understand your motivations, your abilities and how you show up to others?

For me, it was an executive coaching assignment with TAI. First, I gained valuable insight about myself through TAI’s proprietary PRO-Development™ assessment. PRO-D™ is an in-depth assessment that measures Mission, Competency and Style attributes and then develops a Convergence Case at the intersection of these three areas. When I took the assessment over ten years ago, my convergence case identified Human Development, Motivational Energy, Production Efficiency and Strategic Decisions as areas of relevance for me. I also learned that I “showed up” as someone who was passively aggressive and who believed that I was “smarter” than others in the room!

Armed with this information, my TAI coach began a six-month Executive Coaching engagement that literally changed my life. I learned how to truly listen. I learned to accept direction without questioning or second-guessing motives. I learned to delegate more effectively, and to utilize my teams’ strengths to increase our effectiveness. I became better at giving direct feedback in a constructive manner. I learned that it wasn’t about my success but the success of my team. I learned humility.

These lessons were instrumental in improving my effectiveness as a leader who transformed the business, produced sustainable results, and developed others. It all started because my manager saw what I might become and helped me develop by investing in TAI Executive Coaching.


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