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Character Matters

At TAI, we’ve striven from the very beginning to encourage and build character into our associates, clients, and everyone we meet. At the core of our belief in Values-Based Leadership is the idea that “it’s not all about you.” It is about leaders acting with character to selflessly lead their organizations to what’s best for the greater good – for all the constituencies they serve.

We believe Values-Based Leadership is desperately needed in the world today. The events of the last couple weeks, and years, have displayed an extreme failure of character and the consequences of what happens when leaders don’t exhibit strong positive values. We don’t believe rebellion and insurrection are just differences of opinion or talking points. We do believe we must peacefully stand for justice and truth and not be passive while those without a voice are struggling to find hope. We must stand by the oppressed and help those in need, putting Values-Based Leadership into practice, not letting it stay as some nice theory.

TAI seeks to help form a culture of leaders and people who care for each other, who respect each other. We want to help create a world where it’s not a rat race of stepping on the backs of others to accomplish individual goals. Instead, we want to help build a world where we journey together in order to make sure people are valued above the dollar.

We know that character matters; let’s work together to show that truth to the world.

Ante Gloriam Humilitas

“Humility Precedes Glory.”


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