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Are Your Employees Volunteers?

Most people need to be led, some people want to be led.

One challenge we face in the U.S. is we have morphed into a volunteer employment society—volunteer in the sense that opportunity is so great and unemployment so low that people have options. They voluntarily work at a particular organization because it fits them, because it’s good for them. If they don’t like the job, their boss, or the company, they walk.

This volunteer employee situation places heavy burden on leaders. No longer is it sufficient to develop strategy and demand performance. Today’s environment dictates leaders articulate worthy missions that engage, motivate and excite, while simultaneously establishing appealing cultures in which people can flourish. In short, the primary job of leaders today is to set direction and create willing followers who want to achieve organizational goals—because it’s good for them and because it’s good for the company.

Good news: There is a recipe for creating willing, loyal followers. Values-based leaders pursue a worthwhile mission to achieve a compelling vision through empowered employees who can thrive in a trust-based performance culture. Values-Based Leadership (VBL) is the proven approach to leadership that produces engaged employees who deliver extraordinary and sustainable organizational results.

Are your employees willing followers? A quick look at how often and how quickly people leave your organization may point to your answer. Take the initiative—create loyal employees and drive higher performance through Values-Based Leadership…guaranteed.

- Davis H. Taylor, CEO/TAI Incorporated,


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