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AIM for Greater Leadership Effectiveness in 2022

Acknowledging the adage, “You hit what you aim for,” the following AIM model offers three simple exercises sure to enhance your leadership performance in 2022:

ASPIRE – Identify and pursue a personal action that will help you live out and demonstrate one or more of your personal values in everyday actions. Example: RESPECT - Make a commitment that each day you will demonstrate respect in your conversations by always being present, i.e., being fully attentive and actively listening – no multi-tasking!

INTOKU - Intoku is a Japanese term meaning “good done in secret.” Specifically, it is the act of doing good secretly, for its own sake. Intoku requires a willingness to actively and consciously do good without expecting, or receiving gratitude. Commit in your own way how you will practice Intoku in the new year. How can you share or “give back” to others from the many blessings you have received? This can be your time, talent, resources, education, or experience from which others will benefit.

Intoku is open to whatever works for you and is more about a mind-set – nothing is too small here. Remember, ante gloriam humilitas – “humility precedes glory.” Example of Intoku: Commit to walking your favorite park trail periodically and picking up trash.

MODEL - Select an area of development, action, or experience you will pursue for self-improvement. This does not have to be life-changing. Small incremental objectives are valuable. It’s about commitment and the discipline to follow through to model specific behaviors to those you lead. Example: Commit to starting your work-day off with a 5–7-minute period where you will meditate, pray, and/or read a daily inspiration to ensure you are starting your day with a focused and positive attitude and mindset.

Small actions can produce meaningful changes. Enhance your effectiveness through the transformational power of Values-Based Leadership. Take AIM in 2022.


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