Do any of these sound familiar in your organization?

– Rapid growth strains leadership bandwidth.
– The organization endures lackluster results.
– An underdeveloped bench limits growth potential.
– Too little collaboration results in missed deliverables.
– Misaligned goals and objectives hinder progress.
– Expansion and growth disrupt the established culture.
– Turf wars and politics inhibit productivity.
– Mission-critical teams are inefficient or ineffective.
– Employees are unwilling or unmotivated.

VBL implemented

No VBL implemented

*The graphic above is for illustrative purposes only and is not based on actual data. The graphic is consistent with results reported by our clients and its message is substantiated by the Kotter and Heskett landmark study on Corporate Culture and Performance.

Whether it’s rapid growth, ineffective leaders, dysfunctional teams, low employee engagement or a culture crisis that threatens your corporate DNA …

you have a “values issue”

roadmap to higher performance


Create awareness of the current reality.


Establish alignment on common goals


Drive accountability to deliver results

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