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Team Alignment

Our values-based approach to Team Alignment centers on transformational leadership and allows teams to reconnect by focusing on the individual and collective strengths of people and organizations. Our Team Alignment program is tailored for teams in any context, and at any level across the organization. TAI focuses on achieving goals through improved communication, collaboration, and methods to measure performance.

Your team could benefit from our team alignment program if:

  • The team leader is new to the organization and/or new to the role
  • Team members struggle to be effective in a matrix environment
  • Cross-functional team members tend to operate in silos
  • Individual goals and objectives of team members are not aligned
  • Confusion exists around team purpose
  • If there is lack of clarity about team member roles and responsibilities
  • True accountability for specific results is lacking or is not shared across the team
  • Trust issues, while below the surface, are prevalent

A purposeful, strategic approach is necessary to cultivate, build, renew, and develop winning teams. Our Team Alignment initiatives:

  • Align purpose, direction and  goals at all levels
  • Foster trust necessary to achieve ambitious goals
  • Create “ownership” and lays foundation for cultural change
  • Improve employee engagement and ignite higher performance

TAI offers various approaches to Team Alignment, suitable for teams in any context and at any level of the organization. We offer proven, structured options to meet your team development needs. Custom solutions are created to meet your specific needs.