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Executive Coaching

It’s been said that “most organizations are under-led, over managed and coaching deprived.”

Interestingly, while performance driven companies rely on individual leaders and executive teams to deliver expected results they too often do not address the most profoundly impactful way to enhance that performance and improve results—coaching.

Coaching is not remedial. In fact, the opposite is true. Professional athletes, musicians, artist—the stars in any field, including business—develop best and at an accelerated pace when provided the benefit of coaching. Whether the coaching resource is better external or internal to the organization may be debated and assessed based on budget, time or proximity. Either way, a skilled coach is essential to offer different perspectives and personal insights for the Coachee to maximize the necessary self-awareness to develop areas of strengths and to establish a reputation worthy of trust.

TAI offers a practical approach to Executive Coaching that guides executives to higher levels of self-awareness and higher performance. Our approach, values-based leadership, enables current and future leaders to capitalize on individual strengths and lead from core values which in turn enables and creates high trust, performance culture that engages and equips employees to achieve optimal results.

Transformational leadership requires mastery of the soft skills to fully engage and motivate followers to bridge the gap between strategy and execution. TAI provides experienced, qualified coaches who guide leaders to enhance effectiveness, accelerate professional development, improve team dynamics and address issues that stand in the way of outstanding results.

Benefits of Executive Coaching

  • Enhances individual self-awareness, focusing on strengths and the unique value the leader brings;
  • Helps the leader provide well-articulated direction for the organization, focusing on mission as the driving force and developing vision to fuel the passion of employees;
  • Reinforces and aligns personal and organizational values to establish a high trust, high performance culture;
  • Creates transformational leadership ability.