Our Approach

Whether it’s your personal leadership, your team’s effectiveness or your organization’s performance, TAI has a proven three-step process that is practical, effective and sustainable…
and sure to deliver higher performance.

delivering transformational impact

Our proven three-step process identifies and instills the behaviors, objectives, and priorities necessary to achieve and sustain aggressive organizational objectives.


Create awareness of the current reality

  • Create Client Objectives
  • Interview Key Stakeholders
  • Enable Individual Self-Awareness
  • Confirm Existing Baseline Values


Establish alignment on common goals

  • Endorse Mission
  • Articulate a Compelling Vision
  • Establish Behavioral Norms
  • Unify Around Common Goals & Objectives
  • Establish Trust


Drive accountability to deliver results

  • Establish Metrics
  • Coach for Leadership Effectiveness
  • Facilitate Work Sessions
  • Cascade Mission, Vision and Values into the Organization


TAI guides clients to embrace and execute Values-Based Leadership, thereby creating high-trust environments where key talent is retained, execution is improved and extraordinary results are delivered … satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Enhanced Trust

    Leaders embrace VBL. They align the organization around a worthwhile mission and a compelling vision while modeling behaviors consistent with organizational values.

  • Engaged Employees

    Key talent is retained. Motivated, fully engaged employees accept accountability and dependably execute the mission to achieve organizational goals.

  • Improved Execution

    Enhanced execution delivers improved efficiency, sparks innovation, increases productivity and drives greater operational effectiveness.

  • Extraordinary Results

    Improved execution produces satisfied customers, repeat business and referrals, thereby generating the revenue and profits necessary to deliver outstanding ROI.