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  • TAI helped us lay foundation for a legacy culture. Living, measuring and being accountable to our stated values and behaviors is as important as the science. If we don't get the values right, we don't get anything right.

    CEO & Chairman, Biotech Company, Cambridge, MA
  • I engaged TAI on several occasions to facilitate improved executive team performance enabled by greater trust among team members. Specific benefits my team derived from the experience include: A better understanding of the collective strengths of the team; an opportunity to know better and appreciate more our teammates; a forum where all were vulnerable and trust issues were surfaced and addressed. Ultimately, it was an excellent investment in helping the team better understand strengths, tear down silos and figure out how we can help each other. The sessions also contributed to each member enhancing his/her individual leadership impact and effectiveness. TAI’s methodology can be a ‘game changer’ as it brings executives together to more selflessly and more collaboratively achieve common goals while creating a Values-Based environment in which to foster improved employee engagement.

    CEO, Financial Services, New York, NY
  • As a new hire at the company, the company’s Mission, Vision and Values statements are so succinct and so bold, yet so inspiring. Most visions are a bunch of pretty words a company throws together to fill a spot. This one is so well designed and thought out and I wanted to pass along kudos to you and say job well done. I am excited and inspired to be a part of the team, and feel more empowered in this position than I have felt with any company in a very long time. Thank you for your leadership.

    EVP Sales & Marketing, Pharmaceutical Company, Southern California