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TAI Select & PRO Development™ Select

TAI SelectTAI Select and PRO Development™ Select offerings provide valuable support to help you make the best possible decisions about people, reduce recruiting expense and fill open positions faster. Whether hiring from the outside, or promoting from within, the TAI Select processes and summary reports offer information and insights about candidates information that is not readily gleaned through traditional interviews, performance appraisals, standard reference checking or casual observation.  Our approach to candidate assessment is based on unique, state-of-the-art, fully validated instruments that enable a “look at the whole person. These assessments help level the playing field away from interviewer bias or possible false perceptions that might get in the way of an effective assessment to a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of the candidate’s true competencies, motivations and leadership style.

Hiring managers receive an assessment and report for each Candidate as well as the TAI Select Assessment Summary. Candidates receive the PRO Development™  report and the benefit of in-depth report interpretation and professional insights. For samples, see links below or contact TAI for more details.


Sample >TAI SELECT PREMIUM > Subjective/Objective Report