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PRO Development™

PRO-D™ is a state-of-the-art assessment.

It is a professional development instrument for leaders that measures convergence of an individual’s:

  • Missions – motivations and interests that excite an individual to action
  • Competencies – abilities and aptitudes that enable action
  • Style –  personality and behaviors that make an individual unique

PRO-D produces an astonishingly accurate perspective of how the different dimensions of mission, style and competency interact for the Person – Role – Organization.

PRO-D™ is effective.

PRO-D provides leadership profiles and enables self-awareness of individuals to:

  • Maximize leadership effectiveness (existing or emerging leaders)
  • Create high performance teams (team alignment seminars)
  • Make smart candidate selection decisions (new hires & promotions)
  • Determine “best fit” career choices (future or current employees)

PRO-D™ is comprehensive.

Most tools used in a corporate environment measure only one or two dimensions, such as personality or competency. PRO-D measures the convergence of multiple dimensions. PRO-D provides insights regarding ideal roles, keys to improved team interaction, and organizational cultural preferences. PRO Development™ is presented in language that is positive and encouraging.

PRO-D™ is unique.

The design of PRO-D was inspired by the observation of leading career theorists Mark Savickas and Robert Lent that multiple dimensions are required to define an individual and the convergence of these dimensions yield the truest profile of a leader.

PRO-D™ is fully validated.

For over seven years George Gallup and Win Manning (ETS) advised OBIK, a Princeton-based assessment company, to guide the creation of the PRO Development™ concept. The assessment was tested with over 5,000 individuals. The data and feedback are engineered for professional development (not simply reflection) and are used to maximize an individual’s leadership effectiveness.