We use comprehensive, state of the art assessments in the discovery process.

PRO Development™ (PRO-D™)

PRO Development™ (PRO-D™) is a leadership assessment designed to help executives become more self-aware and more focused on their individual strengths and ideal roles. The instrument measures multiple dimensions and goes beyond typical personality based instruments, defining a full, unique perspective of an individual’s leadership profile. PRO-D™ also provides insight to an individual’s role and organizational fit.

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  • PRO-D™ has proved to be an insightful tool that creates an effective framework for individual coaching, and presents a framework for designing alignment workshops for senior leadership teams.

    EVP, Human Resources, Life Sciences Company, Princeton, NJ
  • Utilizing the PRO Development™ instrument, our company has witnessed the resounding correlation between an individual’s motivations congruent with their managerial strengths. This knowledge allows us an organization to grow leaders for long term sustainability in a competitive talent marketplace. The tool has become foundational for individual and team success.

    SVP HR and Administration, Healthcare Supplies Charlotte, NC
  • I’ll admit to a healthy dose of skepticism going into the PRO Development™ process; however, as TAI promised, the results demonstrated remarkable insight into my strengths, and ideal roles. Also, the educational keys identified areas for development and corrective actions were things I had heard before but PRO-D™ provided insights in a much more cost effective manner.

    President, Publishing Co, Bensalem, PA
  • Most people go through life not knowing or utilizing their strengths, or dealing with their weaknesses. As a result, they spend much of their career in the wrong role with the wrong organization. Consequently, they live with being unhappy in their job. PRO-D™ changes that—I wish I had someone walk me through my PRO-D™ 30 years ago!

    Senior Partner, Executive Recruiting Firm, Princeton, NJ
  • PRO Development™ enabled our employees to identify strengths and weaknesses with a means to develop a focused plan for improvement, together with behavioral changes. In one instance a director concluded that PRO-D™ changed not just his career role but life application as well.

    President, Manufacturing Co, Trevose, PA

Strategic Interviews

Strategic interviews highlight core leadership competencies and provide a format through which individuals gain valuable insights on their leadership behaviors from their immediate supervisor, peers and direct reports. Strategic interviews are conducted one on one to gather candid, comprehensive feedback for the Coachee.